Lottery winner told $20,000 lotto ticket was sold in error

Ardella Newman purchased a scratch lotto for $2 and won about 20000 USD, lately. She belongs to Virginia. When she claimed her prize, she was told that she was not the winner because the numbers were printed on the wrong side in her ticket. Machine has cut that ticket in a different way on the wrong spot. This is unfair, which is something that shouldn’t have happened.

Issue with the ticket has finally voided the wining prize for her as per the reports from the officials. She told she was greatly excited to see her numbers matching the number 16 corresponding to the prize money of $20,000. She wanted the money to help her sister in paying her medical bills with the lotto money. When the officials called and told her that it was a mistake and the ticket issued had an error, she was dejected. Based on the complaint filed by her with the officials of the Virginia lottery, the investigation is on. She has demanded $10 million on her lawsuit altogether on many grounds against the lotto agency. Such an interesting lawsuit will surely give leeway to an attention-grabbing courtroom drama.

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Many people fear the number 13 and this fear is called triskaidekaphobia. Many lottery players consider it an unlucky number, but lately it has been found to be lucky. Many people still fear  number 13 and hence prefer to stay away from it, if you would try to experiment with this number, go ahead and do it. If the number 13 loses it’s alright, as it could have happened with any other number you chose too. In case you win, there are possibilities you’ll have to share it with less number of people as very few people choose 13. So try your luck and see what happens.

Similarly only winning a lottery is not enough, as winning makes some people lazy and they stop working or doing what they were currently into, this is not the right attitude. Stacked in money will one day get exhausted, whereas when you work, a regular income is assured. If you are very old and unable to work, then it’s a different scenario altogether. As long as you are healthy and able to work, you should and investing the winning lottery money in a wise manner also will work in your favour. If you are incapable of doing it yourself, take help and do the right thing for the sake of your family and yourself.

lotto facts