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Tips On How To Win the Lottery

Believe it or not, there are lottery experts who laugh each time the media attribute their winnings to just luck. According to these multiple winners, they have mastered the techniques of the game. This precise technique helps them to win prizes. Some of the experts even offer to teach others about this winning techniques. In this article, we have outlined some unbelievable winnings and the secret behind them so that you can also learn to follow the systems and hit the jackpot like the pros.

According to these lotto winners, they can consistently predict the winning lines and can create money on demand just by simply playing the lottery. A lot of them have openly spoken about using systems which have worked for them.

Wait a minute, are those lottery systems really in existence as the gurus have claimed?  Yes, there is truly a lottery system which has proven to be very effective based on testimonies received from hundreds of people who have been taught on how it can be used in winning large sums of money.

After months of research and testing, it has been observed that at least, one lottery system truly exists. This system has been used by a lot of previous winners who attributed their winnings to it. It will also interest you to know that not just in the past, people are still using the system to win big in lottery today.

The Lottery System

It is quite normal for you to be skeptical and doubt the possibility of learning how to win a lottery, I was once in your shoes and I know how it felt like. After sharing these interesting facts gathered from some curious past winners, I am sure your point of view will change.

For you not to think am hyping this, I will prefer the facts to speak for themselves.

Strange Lotto Wins

These stories gathered from previous lottery winners are evidence enough to show that winning lottery goes beyond ordinary luck.

The lure of lottery is the possibility of a man picking some numbers, pay a small amount and then wait for luck to strike to win a certain amount that will change their lives.  This is a life changing opportunity that most people only dream of because no one will ever reject financial abundance.

Just like other platforms of easy money like the dot com boom and gold rush, lotto has also attracted the attention of its wealth seekers and entrepreneurs in the same manner and way. They all have one thing in common, i.e., hoping to get a cut from the pie or and receive something from nothing.

Just like gold miners who went in search of gold, lots of people eager for a lottery win come to discover that you can’t get something out of nothing. Is it possible for you?

It is possible to get a lottery win for practically nothing but by paying the price for a university doctorate degree in statistical mathematics, you can increase your winning probability and land more than a single big win.

Find below, the stories of some past lottery winners that may make you raise an eyebrow.

Joan Ginther

The moment Joan Ginther had her very first big win in lottery, many attributed it to luck and congratulated her for being so lucky

When she, however, got her fourth prize after beating out odds of 18 septillion (18 with 44 zeros) to one, people began to wonder if it was luck or something else that was at work.

Lotto officials later came to discover that Joan was a Stanford Professor of Statistics.

Was it just mere coincidence that a learned person in mathematical probabilities (on which the lottery system was built) should win 4 times?

Are you of the opinion that Joan was just lucky or is it possible for her to have hacked into the lotto code and discovered how to win?

Well, Joan is not actually the first and neither will she be the last mathematics whiz to have been so lucky to win big on the lottery. There are quite a whole lot of others who are numerous to mention. I hope you get a clear understanding of the picture.

Richard Lustig

Here is Richard Lustig who claims to be another ordinary guy with a system. After winning the lottery for seven times, Richard never hides the fact about using a system.

According to Lustig, winning a lottery is not just about luck but about using a strategy. It is quite sure that this seven times winner of top prizes apart from other medium and small prizes know what he is saying.

His advice on how to win a lottery has been included into the highly potent scratch off tips offered free of charge on this website. Lustig’s advice is very practical.

Steps to Winning lottery with Maths

Mathematical Manipulation Compared with Luck

As we have already read from the write-up, Joan, Lustig, and others did not just rely on luck to win the lottery

There are quite a huge number of people who have attributed their lotto success, not to luck but based on solid techniques and systems specifically designed to lead them to their wins.

After Lustig’s open confession and promotion of using a proven system, it is hard to argue against them. The authenticity of the Stanford Mathematics scholar’s multiple wins is enough proof not to question what works and doesn’t.

Before we move further, it is important you know that not all lottery wins can be attributed to a mathematical manipulation.

For those who would rather rely on luck, here is another story from a lottery winner that shows winning lottery can also be achieved by luck. This will demonstrate the type of luck you need if it is what you are counting on.

Frane Selak

Frane should be categorized as one of the luckiest men to have ever lived on earth. He was a former notorious Croatian music teacher who was a name to reckon with even before winning the lottery.

Frane has an almost divine ability that enables him to tap into the power of luck. This mind blowing and uncanny attitude of his was what made him famous in his home country.

Before his big win in the lottery, Frane in 1992 embarked on a journey to Dubrovnik from Sarajevo. While Frane was enjoying the quietness of the trip, the train unexpectedly went off its track violently. It entered into an ice river with high-speed injuring many and sending 17 people to their graves. Frane survived this fatal accident with just a few minor cuts and a broken arm.

In 1963, he was traveling to Rijeka from Zagreb when the cockpit door blew out and plunged the light aircraft into a tailspin that made the entire plane hit the ground at full speed killing 19 passengers instantly. Surprisingly, Frane still walked out of the accident with only superficial injuries by falling onto a haystack after being ejected from the tumbling plane.

He again experienced an amazing luck in 1996 when a bus he boarded suddenly veered off the road and crashed into a river thereby killing 4 other passengers. In 1970, this same man escaped his damaged car moments just before the spoilt fuel pump ignited and sent it into flames.