History of South Africa Lotto

South Africa Lotto is the most popular game in South Africa with the highest chances of winning.

South Africa Lotto was established in March 2000 to help raise funds for the South African government. Until now the highest jackpot government fund donated is: R57 million. And it was on 24 April 2013.

Lottery South Africa today is Ithumba responsible for lotteries and selling lottery tickets in the country. (From the 01.05.2015).

How to play the South Africa Lotto ?

Each player should choose 6 numbers 1 out of 49. The draw offers several bonuses from selected from the same during the lottery drum set to be a guess and tell ordinary secondary prizes only.

Players use an 8 line entry form and can manually select their own numbers. Everyone can choose the numbers that he believes in them: lucky numbers, fixed numbers or alternatively may select a quick pick! Let the system pick the numbers for you.

South Africa Lotto takes place every Wednesday and Saturday at 19:30 GMT. And the sale of online lottery tickets near about 3 hours before the draw. Results for Lotto South Africa in TheTopLotto available online…

The South Africa Lotto is located in the follow country :

South Africa

The biggest jackpots of South Africa Lotto

South Africa Lotto has seven award categories, and to win the jackpot players must match six numbers successfully. Number of bonus is to win the second place prize divisions, fourth and sixth.

South Africa winning the lottery always starts from R 2 meters and can continue to grow indefinitely. Each winner has a year to come and receive the prize without tax.

Highest jackpot in April 2013 had taken stood at R 57 million and 2 tickets take the jackpot. The second award was in February 2003 for 10 years. … Jackpot stood at a total of R 44.7 million jackpots taken by 4 players.