37 Million Swiss Franc Jackpot Winner – Swiss Lotto

Current 2nd Biggest Single Ticket Jackpot Win in Swiss Lotto History

After a total of 34 roll-overs. On Saturday evening the 21st of May 2017 the 37 million Swiss Franc jackpot was won in the Swiss lottery. This is the second highest ever jackpot won in the history of the Swiss Lotto game.

Swiss Lotto

Swiss Lotto

A lucky winner with a lucky ticket that has all six numbers (7, 14, 17, 23, 25, 38) and also hit the mark with the luck number 5, won the jackpot prize. The prize is exactly 37,025,973 francs and 45 Rappen, the equivalent of $38.4 million USD.

Swiss Lotto Records

This is the end of the fourth-longest jackpot period in Swiss Lottery history. However, the record prize of around 48.6 million Swiss Francs in August 2014 remains the current record.

The record jackpot of just over 70 million Francs last December shared three winners.